If you are new to watersports please do not be concerned. WakeupDocklands is host to an array of activities to suit everyones tastes and abilities, including beginners. Our dedicated team of knowledgable instructors will ensure you quickly feel like a seasoned local, cruising up and down the dock in the sunshine.

At the end of a regular beginner session almost all people are able to stand up and enjoy their 1st tentative rides, some even manage to look like they've been doing it for a while! 

Wakeboarding is a thrilling surface watersport which involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water. It was developed from a combination of water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing techniques. Wakeupdocklands offers a simple cable towing system with 2 different levels of difficultly, Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced.

Wakeupdocklands uses the world's best-selling two-pole cable system developed by Sesitec. This System 2.0 technology makes it very easy to learn wakeboarding. The hight of the cable combined with precisely adjustable speeds bring beginners efficiently up to their feet in a safe and controlled manner. System 2.0 also helps advanced riders quickly master new tricks out of the water and on the rails and kickers.

After a restructuring of the business in preparation for the 2018 season we are proud to announce that WakeUP Docklands is now operated by a 100% rider owned and rider driven company: Riderr Ltd. Company Director, Jon and The Team are always eager to help, whatever your enquiry, so if you're wondering what session is right for you to book, learn some new tricks, or just want to chew the fat over the latest goings on, you'll find everyone at the park ready and willing!

**New for 2018** we have upgraded all the running cables in the wakepark and even added shiny new direct drive engine to our Gold Cable for stronger pull and bigger air tricks!

Please note: sessions start on the hour every hour, so please arrive at least 20 minutes before your booking to get ready to go on the water at the start of the hour.